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The Hugh Green Foundation is a charitable trust set up in 1998, with the aim of improving the health and wealth of local communities, inspired by Hugh’s own experiences of poverty during his childhood in Ireland.

The Hugh Green Foundation has been supporting the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research since 2010, with an initial investment in flow cytometry. The funding established the position of the Hugh Green Fellow, which enabled Kylie Price to spearhead the development of the Institute’s technology.

In 2019, on the back of years of further investment, the Hugh Green Foundation pledged an additional $7.1M to build a world-class biomedical research technology hub at the Malaghan Institute.

In 2023 a further $15M was pledged over five years - one of the largest single philanthropic gifts to biomedical research capability in New Zealand. The renewed philanthropic partnership has three joint outcomes – improving health, developing scientists and driving innovation.

Through this funding, the Hugh Green Cytometry Centre will expand capacity in flow cytometry and bioimaging, and establish integrated capabilities in data science, molecular biology, single cell RNA sequencing and mRNA technology. These cutting-edge technologies will advance the Malaghan Institute’s research programmes, contribute to the institute’s sustainability, and provide the nucleus of New Zealand’s capability in immunoprofiling.

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