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  • Strategic direction for Institute’s research technology platforms

  • Leadership of global HGCC goals, direction and vision

  • Relationship management with technology partners, key stakeholders and MIMR research groups

  • Business development

  • New technology evaluation, procurement and implementation

  • Publication and grant review

Other expertise:

  • Flow cytometry including cell sorting

  • Spectral cytometry

  • Measuring proliferation by FCM

  • Cytometry A Editorial Board

  • ISAC Secretary and Council Member

Kylie Price | Chief Technology Officer | Hugh Green Fellow
Alfonso Schmidt |  Bioimaging Specialist 


  • Training for histology and microscopy

  • Design and development of brightfield/fluorescent imaging experiments

  • Unique pipeline covering sample preparation, sectioning, staining, image recording, processing and analysis

Other expertise:

  • Cell sorting

  • Flow cytometry

  • Marine biology

Sventja von Daake| Cytomics Specialist


  • Support for single cell RNA sequencing pipeline

  • Development and support for molecular histology

  • Whole mouse brain clarification and immunostaining 

  • Nanopore sample prep/sequencing training​

Other expertise:

  • Molecular biology

  • Single particle negative stain electron microscopy

  • High-throughput protein-protein interaction discovery

  • Vector engineering, protein expression and purification

Andrew Wilson | Senior Staff Scientist Molecular Biology


  • Production of RNA through in vitro transcription

  • Method development for the quality control of RNA

  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) assay advice, development, and optimization

  • Point of contact for spatial transcriptomics assay planning and development

  • Training for cytogenetic techniques

Other expertise:​

  • Chromosomal analysis 

  • Next-generation sequencing panel development, library preparation, sequencing, and analysis (Illumina)

  • Whole exome sequencing analysis

  • Differential gene expression analysis

  • Confocal microscopy

  • Translational and clinical genomics 

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Alisha Dabb | Staff Scientist, Bioimaging


  • Histological training and sample preparation service

  • Wild field microscope training.

  • Basic image processing analysis

Other expertise:

  • Pharmacology and Biochemistry 

  • Immunology

  • Cell Culture

Sam Small |  Flow Cytometrist and Cell Sorting Specialist 


  • Pre-sort consultation and cell sorting services 

  • Sort optimisation and development 

  • Luminex training and support 

  • Spectral cytometer training 


Other expertise:​

  • FCM data analysis  

  • FlowJo assistance 

  • Troubleshooting advice for flow cytometers 

  • Sample acquisition advice 

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Nathaniel Dasyam| Data Science Specialist


  • Strategic direction for the data science team

  • High dimensional data analysis

  • OMIQ software training and assistance

  • Troubleshooting/assistance for data visualisation/analysis

  • Guidance using R

Other expertise:

  • Assay design  

  • Flow cytometry (conventional and full spectrum)

  • Cancer immunology and CAR T-cell biology

  • Nanopore sample preparation and sequencing

  • Natural product isolation/discovery

  • Microbiology

  • Column chromatography including HPLC

Rebecca McKenzie| mRNA Specialist


  • Molecular biology advice and assay design

  • Production of mRNA through in vitro transcription

  • Vector design and engineering

Other expertise:

  • CRISPR-Cas technology

  • Bacterial strain culturing and engineering

  • Next generation sequencing library preparation

  • Fluorescence based time-lapse microscopy

  • Microfluidic set up and design

Jonason Francisco| Flow Cytometrist


  • Troubleshooting advice for flow cytometers 

  • Sample acquisition advice 

  • Conventional cytometer training 

Other expertise:

  • Cell culture 

  • Molecular genetics 

  • Biochemistry questions 

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Anila Pulickan| Flow Cytometrist


  • Daily QC and instrument maintenance

  • Sample staining and flow cytometry

  • Carry out clinical assays for HGCC

  • Development and support for molecular biology

  • Support scientific publications

Other expertise:

  • Cell culture, molecular biology, and microbiology

  • Phase contrast microscopy

  • Brain dissection, immunohistochemistry studies and neuroimaging technique

David Eccles| Bioinformatics Analyst


  • cDNA differential expression analysis

  • Genome assembly

  • Code porting and debugging

  • Computing workflow optimisation

  • Result presentation (graphing, visualisation)

Other expertise:

  • Sequencing project design (eg Illumina/Nanopore)

  • Nanopore sample prep/sequencing training

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