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During the pandemic, RNA technology has come to the forefront for its safety, efficacy and rapid development potential.

We have established and are scaling up the three major components required for the development and production of RNA therapeutics: 

  • Plasmid DNA construct design and purification

  • mRNA synthesis and purification

  • Lipid nanoparticle encapsulation


The Hugh Green Cytometry Centre has access to two Lipid Nanoparticle Assemblers, the Ignite and the Blaze from Precision Nanosystems Inc. These are essential instruments for the generation of RNA therapeutics as they allow for generation of liquid nanoparticles of a consistent size and low polydispersity. The same process used in pre-clinical scale production of mRNA/LNPs can be scaled up to larger manufacturing production, saving time bringing a product to the market. 

The Ignite will fulfil the encapsulation for most of your pre-clinical needs, with the Blaze Nanoparticle Assemblr available for when larger quantities are required.  

MicrosoftTeams-image (43).png

Ignite Nanoparticle Assemblr

Picture 10.png

Blaze Nanoparticle Assemblr 

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